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Preserve your precious memories!

Keep your favourite old movies and videos up to date by converting them to DVD format, Ashbury Studios has hardware that can convert your old VHS videos into DVD format. Ashbury Studios can also retouch your video's to get the most out of the conversion process. Ashbury Studios can convert both standard VHS as well as VHS-C Cassettes.

There are many benefits to having your media converted into DVD format;

  • Your media will work on current technology and be compatible with your DVD player, Computer and other media devices
  • A DVD disk takes up far less space than a VHS Cassette
  • You can store your converted videos digitally
  • No more jamming of cassettes
  • No more rewinding to return to the start of a video
  • Better sound and video quality

Ashbury Studios can also custom design and print a DVD face increase the overall look of the disk.


Straight conversion with no editing:
$30 per VHS or VHS-C
Conversion with editing of the video: