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Why Photography Is Extremely Important In The Real Estate Business

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Since the dawn of time, images have been used an innumerable amount of times to tell compelling and engaging stories. And with the advent of photography, both storytelling and branding have elevated with the help of excellently captured images.

Photography has been actively used for commercial purposes as well. A photo, when captured correctly, can help sell a product. Therefore, photography is extremely vital for the real estate business as it helps capture wonderful images of a commercial property. These images have the potential to enhance the overall value of the property, which will help you attract more desirable buyers, resulting in more business. So, let us check out the reasons why photography is crucial for the real estate business.

A good photograph attracts more customers.

Business is all about attracting customers and selling your products, and real estate business is no exception. A stunning photograph of your real estate property, with the help of drone photography in Albury Wodonga, will provide an altogether new point of reference to your property which will enhance its value and will make it look more attractive and appealing to your customers. 

Such stunning photographs can be used for marketing and advertising purposes to generate more awareness about the property. And good photos coupled with better marketing can attract credible customers towards the property, ensuring a better deal in return.

Photography can help with digital marketing.

The whole world is active on the internet. And social media is where you will find most of your online audience. Now, most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are visually intensive. This means that the social media users communicate and connect with visuals — right from emoji’s to gifs, visuals rule the roots. To capture the attention of your target audience in this visually intensive arena, you would need amazing high-definition photographs of your property.

Now, these photographs can only be achieved with the help of commercial photography in Wodonga. Professional photographers know how to click the right image that will boost the value of your property. These images will help you gain more traction and attention from your target audience on social media. And social media is an essential marketplace for your real estate business.

You can create attractive online listings.

Excellent property photographs will add more value to your online real estate listings. And a group of stunning images of your property at the listing website will help you engage with your customers, which can also close in a sale.

It has been observed that a customer spends more than 60% of their time online trying to get more information about a particular property which they wish to buy. Now, if you post stunning real estate images, you feed them with the information they need and influence them to visit the property. In simple terms, good property photos clicked by commercial photography services can help you convert your online audience into prospective customers.

You can upload visuals on your website and blog.

When we visit a travel website, what do we expect? Stunning images of beautiful uncharted locations, photos of wonderful people, memories of great adventures, and so forth. And what happens when we find dull images or no images at all, and only text? We bounce out of the website straight away vowing never to visit the site again.

The same is the case with a real estate website or blog. Customers expect an excellent website replete with impeccable and stunning images of their prospective properties. If they don't get what they expected, they will simply bounce out of your website or blog, never to visit again. This attitude can be disheartening for your business. Commercial photography in Wodonga has the expertise to capture stunning real estate images. With the help of drone photography, you can get some fantastic high-definition images which you can extensively use to create your company website and your blog.

These excellent photos will not just attract more and more viewers, but will also help you build credibility and trust among your customers. They will boost your market reputation, which will inadvertently result in better sales performance.

Photography is an integral element of real estate business, and therefore, the business should ensure that they hire professional photographers to take photos of their property. After all, a stunning photograph is directly proportional to a great sale.


If you are searching for expert drone photography services, then you must visit Ashbury Studios today.

A Complete Guide About Commercial Photography

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The term, commercial photography, essentially means the use of photographs for purposes related to business. Here, the captured pictures and created images are utilised for the benefit of the company or an individual, from the perspective of boosting the business.

However, in a true sense, commercial photography is a broad concept. Technically, any photo that can be captured and used for promoting or selling of business can be classified as commercial photography.

But still, this is a niche segment, because you cannot just use any photo to promote the business. After all, your brand reputation is at stake. And surely, you wouldn’t want to hamper it with distorted or low-resolution images.

Aerial drone photography has added a new dimension to commercial photography in Albury by giving a completely new perspective to commercial photos. Thus, aerial photos are being more commonly used for selling or for promoting a service or a product.

Commercial photography types

To understand commercial photography better, let us check out the different commercial drone photography types:

  • Fashion photography

Photography for fashion is a complex form of commercial photography. Fashion photographers have to consider numerous factors while taking pictures.

Firstly the photographer has to concentrate on their model. The photographer has to find out the most suitable pose for their model so that they can accentuate the physical features of the model in their images. Also, more often, models use these clicked images to promote or market their own portfolios. That is why, even models show interest in how the final images turn out to be.

Secondly, the photographer also has to highlight the wardrobe worn by the model. This can get tricky as you want your model to look their best in what they wear. At the same time, the model has to feel comfortable with the dress, because if they are not, their discomfort will show on their face.

In fashion photography, there is a scope for tremendous creativity, even in the pictures captured for marketing and promotion purposes.

  • Food photography

Like fashion, food photography can also get complicated, as there is a constant need to sell it right in order to gain an edge over the endless competition in the food business. The challenge lies in attempting to prove that a particular variety of food is supremely delicious and vastly different from what is already being offered in the market.

As a result, getting the right food shot is a tiring and time-consuming process. Photographers have to improvise and devise new strategies to get that perfect shot.

For this reason, they have designed different methods to make capturing pictures easier and more efficient. This often involves using an evocative setting, props and plating techniques.

  • Location Photography

Photos of different locations or places are also greatly utilised for business purposes. For instance, travel companies or travel websites use stunning landscape images to attract customers to their company. Even transport companies use landscape pictures to identify themselves with the location of the pictures.

Apart from this, location-based pictures can be that of a commercial office or a business district or a work in progress at an industrial site, which are normally used for specific purposes by companies.

Sometimes, companies use photos to highlight their growth history or their expansion plans. These photos are also used to display the next business move of the company. Thus, location photography in Albury has varied applications depending on the requirement.

  • Portrait photography

Apart from personal purposes, portrait photography is also utilised for commercial or business purposes. However, these kinds of portrait photos are far more subdued and professional. Such portrait photos generally highlight a single individual performing their duties at work.

Commercial portrait photos are used by companies to highlight their work culture or their facilities inside the company or the employee strength and management. Every photo conveys a different meaning depending on its application.

These are some ways in which commercial photography helps businesses grow. Any photo can be utilised for commercial or business purposes. But proper commercial aerial drone photography adds a unique value to your business by elevating your brand value altogether.

If you are searching for expert drone photography in Albury Wodonga, then you must visit Ashbury Studios today.

Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Video Production Company

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You are searching for a production company to create a stunning video, but you are utterly clueless about how to start the search process, what to ask, where to seek reference and what should be the pricing model. So, let us check out the simple tips to keep in mind while choosing the right video production company for your project.

Prioritise quality

Many times, companies hire contract employees to assist them with video production service in Wodonga. This saves the overhead cost of hiring full-time employees. Further, it also helps lower their liabilities and their button line. But hiring such contract workers comes at an expense — for instance, low quality of production.

Every videographer, animator or a creative person has a unique style of working. So, if you select a video production service that hires contract workforce to assist them with video production, then make sure that you know the kind of work they do to get the desired results. Plus, you must ensure that services of the video production company match with your expectations and vision for the project.

Shop around

Don’t just settle for the first video production company you meet. Shop around and ask for quotes from different video production companies. And thoroughly review their work before finalising them for your project. Simply because you can afford a particular videographer, doesn’t mean that they are good or provide reliable services. Similarly, just because your neighbour or friend has a video production company, doesn’t mean they automatically qualify to handle your project.

Make sure you know your project requirements and ask for prices accordingly. This will help you identify the right video company for the project. Knowing your requirements will help you understand how your ideal videographer can go about achieving the task. This will make your selection process easier.

Don’t rely on demos

The demo showreel can be wonderful and exciting, but they can also be deceiving and misleading. They are a great way to understand the potential of this prospective videographer. However, it is always better to check recent works of the company. The most recent works give you the clearest picture about what the video production company can achieve. Plus, the recent videos act as honest testimonials of a person's work.

Also, don’t shy away from asking questions. If you have different project requirements for video production in Wodonga, then ask whether they can handle them. Also, enquire if they have any previous experience of managing projects similar to your scale and value. Such an interactive session will help you identify the capabilities of the videography company in Albury Wodonga.

Plan for long-term

It is easy to save some money by hiring a new videography company for each project. But the process involves a number of hassles and endless paperwork, which can give extra headache every time you hire a new company. Consider hiring the same team that did your earlier projects satisfactorily or whose work you have found to be reliable. This will help you bring consistency and uniformness to your videos in feel and style, which would look great on social media or online channels. Consistency and relatability will also help you engage with your audience and build a great brand.

Thus, the videography company can even become an extension of your marketing team. Always plan for long-term to reap with better quality and service.

Get actively involved

Since you are investing a considerable amount of money in getting the video created, make sure that you also invest your time into the project. It is essential to get actively involved with the project to ensure the desired result. It has been observed that customers who closely work with the video production team often see the project finished well within the deadline.

Further, when you are actively involved, you know that the project is developing as per your expectations. And if you wish to make any changes, you can make them during the production stage rather than scrambling for options on the editing table.

Keep these tips in mind while selecting a videography company and will find the right company for your project. If you are searching for expert videographers and photographers, then you must visit Ashbury Studios today.

A Complete Guide About Choosing The Best SEO Company
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is today the most well-kept digital marketing secret out there. SEO refers to the use of the techniques that would attract high-quality traffic to your website from search engine results pages (SERPs). Most people want organic results so that they don’t have to pay for the amount of traffic coming in. However, all of this might be too much to handle. It is, therefore, only natural that you may want to hire a full-service SEO agency to handle the burden for you. That’s why it is important to choose the right company for your digital presence and business needs. So, how do you do that? We’re here to help you hire the best agency for SEO in Wodonga:


How do businesses choose SEO agencies?

As per studies, it is seen that several businesses go by referrals and well-known relationships while choosing a company that does SEO in Albury. This could be a good idea, but such agencies depend on the personal experiences of their peers to make a decision. Secondly, other businesses thoroughly research the agency’s knowledge, leadership, team, reporting, working style and transparency. Finally, you will find other businesses that examine the agency’s previous case studies, online reviews and client references.


These statistics tell us that several companies have had negative experiences with an SEO company before they found the right one. Also, SEO agencies still need to educate potential clients about an impactful SEO strategy, while business must properly research and discuss their goals with the agency in question to ensure that they fit your criteria. Selecting an SEO agency simply based on location, culture or price and not emphasising on performance and knowledge could backfire.


How should businesses choose their SEO agencies?

As with everything else, selecting the perfect SEO company requires time, money and effort. There is no point in rushing the process, as you could probably end up in a company that doesn’t fit the criteria later on. This could be an exasperating experience as the website does not drive traffic, conversions and sales.

 Check the SEO agency’s clientele

When it comes to an agency that is proficient in SEO in Albury, performance is essential. Just like how you check a candidate’s background when hiring them for an open job position, it is important to check the company’s past credentials like client testimonials, industry awards, case studies or portfolio. These act as evidence that you are entering into a successful partnership with the same company, which would help you achieve goals for your website.

 Have a face-to-face interaction

Nothing works better than an interview with the potential SEO company, and that happens before you sign the dotted line. Have a face-to-face or virtual discussion, and keep some important questions handy to help you make the right choice. As per your business niche, you may have more questions in mind after brainstorming with your company leader and the team. While the senior leadership or management might focus on return on investment (ROI) and pricing, your team members should ask about reporting and strategy. Here are some questions you should ask without fail:

  • Have you ever worked with our particular industry?
  • What is the overall cost of your services?
  • When can we start seeing results?

 Check the SEO agency’s behaviour

Now that you know more about the company, it’s time to see whether they deliver what they promise. Start by reading online testimonials and analysing in-depth interviews, which gives you an insight into the agency’s strategy. Reach out to their present clients and ask them questions about the company’s reporting and delivery process, such as:

  • Do they reply to emails and calls on time?
  • Is there a dedicated point of contact?
  • How long do they take to make strategic decisions and reports?

With a comprehensive list at hand, you can tick the companies that meet the list and examine them further for the right one.


Top three mistakes businesses make while hiring an SEO agency

As mentioned before, several businesses have messed up with the wrong SEO company, which has cost them a lot of time, money and traffic. However, you can avoid such a scenario by avoiding these simple slip-ups:


  • Looking for local SEO agencies

Client experience and past performance should be your priorities when selecting a company, as that will affect the service as well. Restricting yourself to the local area can result in fewer sales, leads and revenue for your company. You can bridge the distance by communicating with them over the phone or video conferencing applications.


  • Choosing an ‘unethical’ SEO agency

SEO results take time, but most businesses aren’t ready to be patient about it. It needs a minimum of three to six months to show results, which can be frustrating and force companies to adopt fraudulent practices. Black-hat SEO is a term that depicts deceitful but ineffective SEO tactics to be on top of the search results. The worst-case scenario, Google can ban the website from appearing in the SERPs ever again. So, the good idea is to work with white-hat SEO companies that use ethical strategies to make your company stand out in the search results.


  • Choosing a low-priced SEO agency

As with anything questionable, cheap services come with poor-quality (aka black-hat) SEO companies. You have a budget in mind, but what if it is too unrealistic? Thus, you look for agencies that provide services at abysmally low rates, and you are impressed. The truth is, they might adopt copy-paste methods, engage in poor communication and deliver little to no returns – a terrible experience. Remember that the prices depend upon the company size, your strategy and expectations.


Therefore, choosing the right SEO agency in Wodonga for your business should be done wisely. If you would like us to work on your SEO strategy, please contact us at Ashbury Studios.

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