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Photography (6)

Whether you are using photography for your social media, website, print media, billboards, enticing an expert photographer will help your company appear more credible.

Unfortunately, in the early start-up stage, many companies overlook the idea of on boarding professional photographers as they think it will be an unnecessary expense for them. It may be very convenient to get into the snare of uploading stock images or even attempting to do the job themselves. However, having a professional photography service portrays the nature of your products and services. This article discusses why you must hire professional photography services for your business.

Hire professional photography in Albury and Wodonga for your business. Contact Ashbury Studios and talk to our representative today.

Here are the reasons why you must consider hiring professional photographers for your enterprise:

Professional photography adds credibility

To begin with, having personalised and professional photographs offer an opportunity to stay ahead of your competitors. Clean and innovative photos illustrate the authenticity of your brand and will help you to gain the trust of your targeted audience. It can portray your company as legitimate and persuade people to support your brand.

Your website, social media activity, media presence, and other advertising material will create an excellent impression a prospective customer has of your company. Often, it gets neglected by entrepreneurs when planning their budget. However, it is crucial to a company’s success.

Making a positive first impact

The images you enlist in your marketing auxiliary symbolise your brand just like your employees or the service and products you offer. Poor quality and amateurish photographs reflect negatively on a company. Anyone who has even a fundamental understanding of marketing will inform you that good content is critical for a successful campaign. With the emergence of online marketing, visual communications have taken over print content and become the dominant communication medium between customers and businesses, and your company is no exception.

Photography is incredibly shareable

It is hard to underestimate the value of a social networking community that likes, retweets, and shares your content. Posting professionally clicked photographs beside your social media posts increases the likelihood that your target audiences will engage with them, allowing your business to develop and reach more prospective customers organically.

Professional photos do not cost you a fortune

As discussed earlier on how small entrepreneurs are quick to neglect the services of professional photographers due to the high upfront expenditures. But the truth is you can avail of their services at the most affordable rates, and they can be highly cost-effective. Also, having a collection of skilfully taken images can generate free advertising for your company while also helping to establish effective brand awareness.

Less hassle

Determining what you would like to express through your photos and how you want to do so can be difficult. Thankfully, skilled photographers are more than satisfied to undertake the responsibilities of the innovative process since they are well-equipped to address your needs and wants throughout the entire photography production process. Along with having them handle the creative logistics, hiring professional services means you also get their other services like lighting, editing, equipment, and retouching. Thus, it is a straightforward approach that is well worth your investment. Moreover, to make sure you receive the results you want, it is crucial to conduct small research before hiring a photographer. Mainly, you must find if their style matches your brand’s feel and look.

Compelling story-telling

One crucial component to establishing an appealing brand is effectively conveying to your customers about what and who your products or services are for a while, providing your customers with something instantly recognizable as charming. Professional photography gives you the ability to share this tale without having to say anything.

Summing up

Businesses rely on visual content to create a robust online presence, and amateur photographs may shed a bad light. However, with professional photographers, you can obtain top-quality images that can help you build trust and credibility. Moreover, you can show your creativity and have a great impression and brand awareness. Overall, it is worth considering hiring a professional photographer.

Are you looking for professional photography in Albury and Wodonga? Look no further than Ashbury Studios as we are the leading video production house in Albury Wodonga. Contact us to know more about how photography can benefit your business.

Since the invention of drone technology, aerial photography is being pursued with renewed vigour by photography enthusiasts and businesses who want to cash in on the stunning images and a new perspective that this technique provides. Let us check out the different applications or uses of aerial drone photography

  •       Captures Difficult Images

The most significant advantage is that it helps you capture stunning images from the air or sky, which would simply not be possible on foot. In the past, sky photography was considered a costly profession, reserved only for a chosen few. This is because aerial photography involves hiring a chartered plane or a helicopter with an experienced photographer and high-definition steady cameras to click images from the air or sky. The invention of drone technology and its commercialisation have made sky photography affordable and available. Thus, even the most challenging aerial photos can now be captured with the help of a drone. Not just photography, drones are a perfect option for aerial videography as well.

  •       Displays Your Real Estate Beautifully

Just like any other industry today, the real estate sector is a competitive market. Thus, to stand out from the herd, you have to develop something unique. Today, most people search for homes online. They prefer to see the property online before physically experiencing it. Thus, physical visits take a back seat and only gain priority if the buyer has liked the property details online. 

With drone photography in Albury Wodonga, you can entice the much-needed online buyer by offering them incredible high-definition images of the interiors and exteriors of a place. Aerial or drone photography will provide a different perspective of your property by changing the point of view of the onlooker. Exciting drone photography of the exteriors will add significant value to your real estate, especially if it is an exotic locale. Plus, it will give your buyers a clearer idea of the actual worth of the property.

  •       Enhances Your Marketing Efforts

If you want your property to be visible in this crowded real estate market, there is no better way than equipping aerial drone photography. The newer dimension provided by drone photography in Albury Wodonga will enhance the value of your property and undoubtedly help you with significant marketing collateral. Regardless of whether you are a small-time real estate company or a real estate giant, your customers want value and credibility. Now, the only way you can project this to your customer is by stunning aerial photos of your property. A traditional buyer would like to look at the property before deciding to visit the property. So, figure out what kind of photos you want your audience to see - dull mobile photos or high-definition aerial photos.

  •       Provides High Scenic Value to your Images

Yes, aerial photography services in Albury offer more excellent scenic value to the property. Drone photography allows a greater perspective and a better viewpoint for the customer. Therefore, they can see more in just one photo, i.e.s, the total area of the property, the location, what is nearby, etc. So the customer feels they are at a profit as they can find more information in one image. This influences their decision to go for a physical visit to the property and improves your footfalls to the property, eventually increasing your sales. 

  •       Increases Social Media Engagement

Social media provides an exciting platform for small and medium level businesses to enable customer engagement. These excellent social media tools can be leveraged even by a small business to gain the kind of outreach that a more prominent company has. You now have the opportunity to focus your social media activities on your target audience to achieve the most customer engagement. This is something that was not possible a few years ago.

Thus, you can make excellent use of these incredible social media platforms by posting stunning high definition drone images and/or videos of your products or services or business. Such high definition images will boost engagement with your audience, compelling them to take favourable action, resulting in new business for your brand.

This way, aerial drone photography can be used for different purposes. If you want to find the best aerial photography services in Albury, you must visit Ashbury Studios today.

Drone photography has soared higher in popularity in the last decade. It has greatly increased a business’ efficiency in capturing aerial job site photographs that can be used during the planning and identification of construct-specific and project-specific issues. Drone-captured photographs are also commonly used to develop marketing content that offers construction and event agencies a bird’s eye perspective of the project(s).

Before aerial photography was a thing, images from the sky were only captured with the help of piloted aircrafts, which was an expensive venture for any brand. There are different kinds of drones available in the market, starting from DIY alternatives to professional aerial photography. Here, we shall talk about how drone photography in Albury is beneficial your business:

  • Identifies your business

Aerial photography provides a clearer perspective about your project, event or company. It lists down your location, your business size and what should be their expectations when they consult you. Combined with a marketing plan, you can talk to them about your story, the competitive advantage you offer and how you will jumpstart their brand through your services.

  • Lends a professional angle to your brand

A business’s online presence predicts its success, which refers to a website and social media channels. Potential customers will check your brand even before a telephonic conversation, and you must offer them your best. Most businesses will have photographs haphazardly clicked on a phone and post it on Google Maps, but would you be impressed as a customer yourself?

  • Offers virtual tours

The real estate industry is extremely competitive, and you must stand out from the crowd. People are still not comfortable venturing outside during the Covid-19 pandemic, so HDR photography and videos offer a first-hand view of the property and its surroundings. Aerial drone photography is equally useful for insurance claim records and maintaining property boundaries.

  • Demonstrates progress

Great for the construction and remodelling industry, aerial drone photography demonstrates the changes in an area over time, whether present or future. If you are not in the real estate business, it also displays a new redesign or expansion that could impress possible clients.

  • Location-spotting at events

If you are in the event management industry, chances are that you will be inviting eminent speakers and guests from outside the city. You want to ensure that there is adequate space, the location is not too far from the city and that there are additional rooms for backstage purposes. Aerial photography or video footage over the estate offers a clear view, captures easily-missed spots and lets you know whether the property suits your requirements or not.

  • Use as marketing material

You can use live-streaming opportunities and film the programme from different angles for an immersive video experience for the followers who are watching it online. You can start with behind-the-scenes photography such as the stage, production or the audience interacting. As the show begins, you can have the drones take photographs and videos from different sections of the property, so that your attendees have an interactive experience.

  • Elevate your promotional angle

Close-up, aerial photography and video production in Albury are great for brand promotions. They help in attracting customers by highlighting your sponsors’ involvement in the event. Drone shots demonstrate their booth, signage or participation which contributes towards promoting their brand (and yours as well!).

Drone photography could be an economical alternative to helicopter or aeroplane photography. From a financial point of view, drones are preferred by small-scale business owners that know about photography. 

Drones are not a replacement, but an alternative to aerial photography. They have several options in points, usability and pricing. Check your budget and research your options before choosing a drone photography agency, which would work towards a better investment.

If you are interested in superior drone photography in Albury Wodonga, reach out to us at Ashbury Studios.

Anyone can take photos or capture videos, but you need experience and expertise to capture the best emotions and convey the right message to your target audience. Achieving this is especially important if you run a business. Your photos and video productions should sell your products and or services. It should influence the customer to make the buying decision.

Now, just another random photo won't compel your customer to buy your product or services. You would need much more than a picture to pull your audience, and that’s where a professional photography and videography company in Albury Wodonga helps. Professional photographers and videographers possess the right equipment and the appropriate technical knowledge to capture amazing pictures and videos, which would simply elevate the value of your business and pull your customer towards your business. So, let us check out the advantages of hiring a professional photography and videography company in Albury Wodonga.

You can say a lot with a well-shot photograph!

An image or a video is a wonderful way of effectively communicating your products and services to your customers rather than telling them about it. Professional photos and videos help to pull the attention audience, which is extremely important for a business. Once you have the audience's attention, the superior quality photos and videos will communicate about your products and services and influence the audience to take a favourable action. This level of audience engagement and attention could not be achieved by a dull and hazy photo clicked on a personal phone. If you want to convey the right message effectively, then you must contact professional video production services in Wodonga.

Your images and videos represent your business

In this age of digitisation, media is everything. People have easy access to technology, which enables them to view things online. Therefore, customers nowadays like to see things for themselves and seek more information before taking any decisive action.

You need your products and services to speak for themselves to sell them to your online audience. Professional photography and videography services allow you to unlock the true value of your business by capturing stunning high-definition photos and videos of your product and services. They will elevate your business and make your business look credible and dependable, which will lead to better sales for the company. Professional photography and drone videography allow you to showcase your business in a much better way than regular photos.

Customers want to know more about you

When customers are attracted to your business, they wish to know more about your business, including your products and services. Therefore, they browse on the internet to seek more information. Stock photos can be a good option to load on your website and advertising portals, but these images will merely fill the space and make your website look fancy. They will not add any substantial value to your website or your business. And you lose out on wonderful prospects.

Professional photos and videos communicate credible information about the business. They allow you to provide the right information to your customers, which builds engagement and influences customers to take suitable action.

Professional photos are great assets.

Professional photos and videos add immense value to online marketing activities. Online marking or internet marketing is hugely dependent on great content. People who browse the internet seek great content to engage with a business or a website.

Professional photos and video captured by an agency for video production in Albury will add impeccable value to your online marketing efforts. Stunning high-definition images, when optimised with the right kind of content, can elevate the overall value of your website. Search engines will view your website as an expert authority on the given domain, which will greatly increase your visibility among search engine results for your business category. Not only will your website rank higher among the search results, but the high-definition images and videos will entice the customer to stay connected to the website for more details.

If you want your business to scale the heights of growth and prosperity, then you must opt for professional photography and drone videography in Albury Wodonga. Professionals provide depth to your images and allow you to communicate the right message more effectively to your audience. This will not just elevate the value and credibility of your business, but it will also result in better sales for the business.

If you want more information about video production services in Wodonga, then you must visit Ashbury Studios today.

Marketing holds utmost importance in real estate. More important is the right kind of visuals as it will help you attract most clients to your property. A unique real estate marketing strategy needs the right kind of images and videos to generate interest among the customer. You can achieve this with the help of aerial drone photography and videography. So, let us check out the importance of aerial drone photography in the real estate industry.

Grabs Attention

Drone photography in Albury Wodonga helps you take stunning high-definition images of your property with eye-catching clarity and resolution, designed especially for professional use. Not just that, aerial drone photography helps you highlight the surroundings of the property. When you use these images for your marketing efforts, such as real estate listings or social media posts, they will certainly grab the attention of the audience and pull them towards your property listings. Plus, the stunning images will allow the buyer to immerse in the amazing world of the property. After all, most of the real estate selling happens with the photos. And if you can attract more customers to your property with the help of the aerial photos, you will end up with a sale.

Gives a Virtual Tour

Aerial photography services in Albury allow you to create a virtual tour of your property. The virtual tour video is a great marketing tool. It not only builds enthusiasm about the property but also allows the user to see the inside of the property. You can create an impeccable marketing video which starts from the outdoor amenities and enters into your home, travelling right through every room of the house. This way, you can give a unique experience to your customers which will allow them to explore the vastness of the property from within the comforts of their home. Combine your imagery with a voiceover and wonderful music, and you’ll have your audience engrossed into the video.

Highlights the Top-Selling Points

Every property has its unique selling point or USP, which should be highlighted to the buyer. These USPs influence the buyer into making the right buying decision. These selling points are known to influence and hasten the decision-making process of the customer.

Drone photography in Albury allows you to showcase an entirely different perspective of your property to the audience. It helps you capture the important details of the property and give the buyer an idea of the external as well as internal dimensions of the house, which can help them make the right buying decisions. After all, the main purpose of marketing is to build awareness about your property in the market so that it aids in the selling process. Drone photography will bring your property to life, by allowing you to showcase the aesthetic walkways, broad living rooms, that wonderful garden to the neat swimming pool in your property.

Sell your property faster with the stunning and high definition marketing images from aerial photography. When you highlight your selling points, you not only attract the attention of your customer, you also enhance the value of the property. Highlighting the selling points of the property gives a fair justification to the price tag attached to the property. The customer would come to know why they have to shell out the money to buy the property. Also, these selling points create aspiration and generate a feeling of desire among the buyers. And aspirational sales in the best kind of real estate sales, which can be wonderfully achieved with the help of drone photography.

Build Your Business

The real estate business is built on showcasing impeccably amazing images and videos of the property to pull the audience towards the property. When more and more inquiries are generated, more people decide to visit the property. And when more people are visiting the property, sales happen quickly.

In this digital era, where almost everybody owns a smartphone and has access to high internet services, online marketing of your real estate properties has become the need of the hour. And you must have high-definition photos and videos of your property for your marketing efforts. Aerial photography services are now an integral part of any real estate marketing strategy.

The real estate market is already flooded with picturesque properties with wonderful property images. So, how you position your property should make it stand out from the crowd. The answer is aerial drone photography. It will not only click stunning images but also generate a unique value for the property. The images will give a whole new meaning and dimension to your property. Plus, aerial drone photography will raise the value of your business as well. It will build your credibility in the market.

Such wonderfully taken drone photos and videos will not just increase the aesthetic value of your properties but will also establish value for your business, which will pull in more and more customers from a variety of locations, thereby, giving a boost to your real estate business.

These are the ways aerial drone photography and videography can boost your real estate business's marketing. If you are searching for the best aerial photography services, then you must visit Ashbury Studios today.

Since the dawn of time, images have been used an innumerable amount of times to tell compelling and engaging stories. And with the advent of photography, both storytelling and branding have elevated with the help of excellently captured images.

Photography has been actively used for commercial purposes as well. A photo, when captured correctly, can help sell a product. Therefore, photography is extremely vital for the real estate business as it helps capture wonderful images of a commercial property. These images have the potential to enhance the overall value of the property, which will help you attract more desirable buyers, resulting in more business. So, let us check out the reasons why photography is crucial for the real estate business.

A good photograph attracts more customers.

Business is all about attracting customers and selling your products, and real estate business is no exception. A stunning photograph of your real estate property, with the help of drone photography in Albury Wodonga, will provide an altogether new point of reference to your property which will enhance its value and will make it look more attractive and appealing to your customers. 

Such stunning photographs can be used for marketing and advertising purposes to generate more awareness about the property. And good photos coupled with better marketing can attract credible customers towards the property, ensuring a better deal in return.

Photography can help with digital marketing.

The whole world is active on the internet. And social media is where you will find most of your online audience. Now, most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are visually intensive. This means that the social media users communicate and connect with visuals — right from emoji’s to gifs, visuals rule the roots. To capture the attention of your target audience in this visually intensive arena, you would need amazing high-definition photographs of your property.

Now, these photographs can only be achieved with the help of commercial photography in Wodonga. Professional photographers know how to click the right image that will boost the value of your property. These images will help you gain more traction and attention from your target audience on social media. And social media is an essential marketplace for your real estate business.

You can create attractive online listings.

Excellent property photographs will add more value to your online real estate listings. And a group of stunning images of your property at the listing website will help you engage with your customers, which can also close in a sale.

It has been observed that a customer spends more than 60% of their time online trying to get more information about a particular property which they wish to buy. Now, if you post stunning real estate images, you feed them with the information they need and influence them to visit the property. In simple terms, good property photos clicked by commercial photography services can help you convert your online audience into prospective customers.

You can upload visuals on your website and blog.

When we visit a travel website, what do we expect? Stunning images of beautiful uncharted locations, photos of wonderful people, memories of great adventures, and so forth. And what happens when we find dull images or no images at all, and only text? We bounce out of the website straight away vowing never to visit the site again.

The same is the case with a real estate website or blog. Customers expect an excellent website replete with impeccable and stunning images of their prospective properties. If they don't get what they expected, they will simply bounce out of your website or blog, never to visit again. This attitude can be disheartening for your business. Commercial photography in Wodonga has the expertise to capture stunning real estate images. With the help of drone photography, you can get some fantastic high-definition images which you can extensively use to create your company website and your blog.

These excellent photos will not just attract more and more viewers, but will also help you build credibility and trust among your customers. They will boost your market reputation, which will inadvertently result in better sales performance.

Photography is an integral element of real estate business, and therefore, the business should ensure that they hire professional photographers to take photos of their property. After all, a stunning photograph is directly proportional to a great sale.


If you are searching for expert drone photography services, then you must visit Ashbury Studios today.

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