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Wednesday, 14 October 2020 06:13

Importance And Impact Of Local SEO In Your Business

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Local SEO in Albury helps to promote the visibility of your business on searches based on the location. It is essentially a variant of the general SEO which is aimed at getting your business visible online on local searches by people in a particular locality.

Local SEO depends on certain geographical qualifiers — like the city, state, postcode, etc., — as well as on the “near me” online searches. In the case of the “near me” search, Google finds the user’s current location and provides them with relevant search results according to the current location.

Is local SEO important?

Yes. Local SEO is extremely critical as it helps you tap into your target audience locally, which has a greater potential of taking an actionable decision in favour of your business. Local SEO is vital, especially when your business has a physical presence in a locality or provides services to a particular locality.

As per a recent study by a leading research firm, almost 94% of people use their smartphones to do local searches about products and services. Furthermore, almost 61% of them called up the business that has a local presence, and almost 59% directly visited the local store. Another research found that almost 71% of smartphone users click on the call option to get in touch with the store or the company directly from the Google search results on their smartphones. These numbers are enough to indicate the power and influence that local SEO has on a business.

With local SEO, businesses can tap into their local customer base in their immediate locality, where they have the maximum opportunity to provide the best customer service and customer experience. Local search provides the biggest share of potential customers with much higher conversion rates and an opportunity to provide better service. This is because, most of the time, a person doing a local search is in immediate need of the service or product. And if you can provide what they need, then you will get immediate business. Plus, it is the most genuine organic visit that you can have for your business.

Impact of local SEO on business

If you are a proud owner of a small local business, then it will be extremely beneficial to optimise your business through local SEO. So, let us check out the advantages of local SEO.

Local SEO makes your business visible to local searches. Most of your potential customers generally emerge from your local audience. It has been observed that most of the local searches are done by the non-local population settled in a particular area, who are looking for a product or a service similar to the one you provide. If you properly implement local SEO, you can capture this customer base.

Local SEO delivers appropriate information to your potential customers whenever they need it the most. For instance, if a restaurant is providing free Wi-Fi, perhaps happy hours or has a special local dish, then including such information in the local SEO would attract the local audience who are searching for such locations.

Even if you don’t have a proper website, with local SEO, you can distinguish your business from the others in a local search. Doing so helps drive more organic traffic, which could give potential leads to your business.

As mentioned above, approximately 61% of smartphone users who did local searches called up the businesses that showed up on search results. Local search engine optimisation allows you to reach your local audience, and it empowers the searchers to take action. Therefore, you get a potential customer and a qualified generic lead which is very easy to convert, as the customer has decided to contact your business for their solutions.

Local SEO drives the actions of your local target audience in your favour. The more data you share on local SEO, the more information you are feeding your local searchers. This data helps them take action in your favour. Plus, this information builds credibility and trustworthiness about your business. It boosts your rankings among local searches resulting in more generic leads and potential customers.

Local SEO will certainly help you boost the online presence of your start up and enable it to grow locally. After all, going local is the first step to going global. With local SEO, you can effectively manage your online presence and build a strong base of loyal customers locally. Based on this foundation, you can then spread your wings and look to go national or soon enough, international.

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