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Thursday, 29 April 2021 09:03

Importance of Real Estate Photography

Now that we have the Internet at our fingertips, it has become much easier for potential buyers to check out real estate properties before even setting a foot inside your agency. It saves them time, and they can look up multiple properties in a day, which is why the importance of real estate photography has only doubled. It also creates a first impression of the kind of house they can expect from anywhere on the planet.

This works for the real estate agencies as well as they get buyers who are genuinely interested in the property. Now that the COVID-19 has given rise to social distancing, you need high-quality real estate commercial photography in Albury to virtually impress potential buyers.

  • Creates a Powerful First Impression

If you want to impress your buyers, you need aerial photography services in Albury. The potential buyer knows what to expect for the property, which in turn increases the chances of a sale. It also makes your advertisement much more credible, due to which you will enjoy increased clientele, thanks to positive customer recommendations. Ideally, the photography session should include the common living spaces, garage, basement, bedroom, bathrooms, and the grounds.

Property photographs must be clicked with professional camera equipment, such as a DSLR camera. Images captured with smartphones do not deliver quality results, while a professional commercial photographer knows the right angles, color, light, and composition arrangements to create something magical. If a camera is not enough, choose aerial drone photography for a three-sixty-degree view.

  • Exhibits Professionalism

Most of us would not buy products without checking them out online, the same goes for real estate. Imageless listings are considered a red flag, which would affect your sales. However, good-quality commercial photography in Wodonga is a professional way to attract customers. It builds credibility, gains authentic leads, and contributes to sales.

  • Better Online Presence

Those with photography skills would agree to this: real estate photographs must be taken to include intricate details such as color scheme alternation, subject focus, add dimension, and removing clutter. Raw images re-shift the focus from the unique selling point of the photograph, and that does not look professional to the buyer.

  • Higher Sales

High-quality real estate photography attracts genuine customers for the higher sale process, and real estate agents enjoy a higher commission as well. You would earn more traffic on your website, create better first impressions, bring in qualified leads, make sales and improve market credibility. Combined with great marketing techniques, you will enjoy a reputation in the real estate market.

  • Promotes a better reputation in the market

If you are an agent, you know the power of word-of-mouth. Customers will refer your website to their acquaintances, thanks to a professional-looking website and well-clicked images. Thus, you have a portfolio of previous listings that would instantly potential buyers. As time goes by, you shall earn an important position in real estate, leading to more leads and sales day by day!

Therefore, there are several benefits when it comes to getting your real estate properties professionally clicked. At Ashbury Studios, we do that with our team of experienced photographers and photo editors. All you need to do is reach out to us for real estate photography and aerial photography services in Albury.

Thursday, 09 July 2020 12:13

A Complete Guide About Commercial Photography

The term, commercial photography, essentially means the use of photographs for purposes related to business. Here, the captured pictures and created images are utilised for the benefit of the company or an individual, from the perspective of boosting the business.

However, in a true sense, commercial photography is a broad concept. Technically, any photo that can be captured and used for promoting or selling of business can be classified as commercial photography.

But still, this is a niche segment, because you cannot just use any photo to promote the business. After all, your brand reputation is at stake. And surely, you wouldn’t want to hamper it with distorted or low-resolution images.

Aerial drone photography has added a new dimension to commercial photography in Albury by giving a completely new perspective to commercial photos. Thus, aerial photos are being more commonly used for selling or for promoting a service or a product.

Commercial photography types

To understand commercial photography better, let us check out the different commercial drone photography types:

  • Fashion photography

Photography for fashion is a complex form of commercial photography. Fashion photographers have to consider numerous factors while taking pictures.

Firstly the photographer has to concentrate on their model. The photographer has to find out the most suitable pose for their model so that they can accentuate the physical features of the model in their images. Also, more often, models use these clicked images to promote or market their own portfolios. That is why, even models show interest in how the final images turn out to be.

Secondly, the photographer also has to highlight the wardrobe worn by the model. This can get tricky as you want your model to look their best in what they wear. At the same time, the model has to feel comfortable with the dress, because if they are not, their discomfort will show on their face.

In fashion photography, there is a scope for tremendous creativity, even in the pictures captured for marketing and promotion purposes.

  • Food photography

Like fashion, food photography can also get complicated, as there is a constant need to sell it right in order to gain an edge over the endless competition in the food business. The challenge lies in attempting to prove that a particular variety of food is supremely delicious and vastly different from what is already being offered in the market.

As a result, getting the right food shot is a tiring and time-consuming process. Photographers have to improvise and devise new strategies to get that perfect shot.

For this reason, they have designed different methods to make capturing pictures easier and more efficient. This often involves using an evocative setting, props and plating techniques.

  • Location Photography

Photos of different locations or places are also greatly utilised for business purposes. For instance, travel companies or travel websites use stunning landscape images to attract customers to their company. Even transport companies use landscape pictures to identify themselves with the location of the pictures.

Apart from this, location-based pictures can be that of a commercial office or a business district or a work in progress at an industrial site, which are normally used for specific purposes by companies.

Sometimes, companies use photos to highlight their growth history or their expansion plans. These photos are also used to display the next business move of the company. Thus, location photography in Albury has varied applications depending on the requirement.

  • Portrait photography

Apart from personal purposes, portrait photography is also utilised for commercial or business purposes. However, these kinds of portrait photos are far more subdued and professional. Such portrait photos generally highlight a single individual performing their duties at work.

Commercial portrait photos are used by companies to highlight their work culture or their facilities inside the company or the employee strength and management. Every photo conveys a different meaning depending on its application.

These are some ways in which commercial photography helps businesses grow. Any photo can be utilised for commercial or business purposes. But proper commercial aerial drone photography adds a unique value to your business by elevating your brand value altogether.

If you are searching for expert drone photography in Albury Wodonga, then you must visit Ashbury Studios today.

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