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Drone photography has soared higher in popularity in the last decade. It has greatly increased a business’ efficiency in capturing aerial job site photographs that can be used during the planning and identification of construct-specific and project-specific issues. Drone-captured photographs are also commonly used to develop marketing content that offers construction and event agencies a bird’s eye perspective of the project(s).

Before aerial photography was a thing, images from the sky were only captured with the help of piloted aircrafts, which was an expensive venture for any brand. There are different kinds of drones available in the market, starting from DIY alternatives to professional aerial photography. Here, we shall talk about how drone photography in Albury is beneficial your business:

  • Identifies your business

Aerial photography provides a clearer perspective about your project, event or company. It lists down your location, your business size and what should be their expectations when they consult you. Combined with a marketing plan, you can talk to them about your story, the competitive advantage you offer and how you will jumpstart their brand through your services.

  • Lends a professional angle to your brand

A business’s online presence predicts its success, which refers to a website and social media channels. Potential customers will check your brand even before a telephonic conversation, and you must offer them your best. Most businesses will have photographs haphazardly clicked on a phone and post it on Google Maps, but would you be impressed as a customer yourself?

  • Offers virtual tours

The real estate industry is extremely competitive, and you must stand out from the crowd. People are still not comfortable venturing outside during the Covid-19 pandemic, so HDR photography and videos offer a first-hand view of the property and its surroundings. Aerial drone photography is equally useful for insurance claim records and maintaining property boundaries.

  • Demonstrates progress

Great for the construction and remodelling industry, aerial drone photography demonstrates the changes in an area over time, whether present or future. If you are not in the real estate business, it also displays a new redesign or expansion that could impress possible clients.

  • Location-spotting at events

If you are in the event management industry, chances are that you will be inviting eminent speakers and guests from outside the city. You want to ensure that there is adequate space, the location is not too far from the city and that there are additional rooms for backstage purposes. Aerial photography or video footage over the estate offers a clear view, captures easily-missed spots and lets you know whether the property suits your requirements or not.

  • Use as marketing material

You can use live-streaming opportunities and film the programme from different angles for an immersive video experience for the followers who are watching it online. You can start with behind-the-scenes photography such as the stage, production or the audience interacting. As the show begins, you can have the drones take photographs and videos from different sections of the property, so that your attendees have an interactive experience.

  • Elevate your promotional angle

Close-up, aerial photography and video production in Albury are great for brand promotions. They help in attracting customers by highlighting your sponsors’ involvement in the event. Drone shots demonstrate their booth, signage or participation which contributes towards promoting their brand (and yours as well!).

Drone photography could be an economical alternative to helicopter or aeroplane photography. From a financial point of view, drones are preferred by small-scale business owners that know about photography. 

Drones are not a replacement, but an alternative to aerial photography. They have several options in points, usability and pricing. Check your budget and research your options before choosing a drone photography agency, which would work towards a better investment.

If you are interested in superior drone photography in Albury Wodonga, reach out to us at Ashbury Studios.

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